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Submitted by admin on Fri, 05/20/2022 - 17:10

A Leading Provider of
Artwork Services & Solutions for Global Life Sciences Industry
Regulatory Compliant, Content Integrated, Intelligence-Driven Artwork solutions


Quick Facts

Our proven expertise for artwork services span across…


Artworks Annual Throughput


Artwork Professionals


Artwork and Labeling Global Customers



Artwork Design Studio, Labeling Content & Compliance, Regulatory Intelligence

Artwork Management Services

A unique combination of 3 Integrated Regulatory Artwork Management services & solutions for Life Sciences and Consumer Product companies

1Scientific Labeling Content & Compliance

2Global Labels – Regulatory Intelligence

3World-class Artwork Design Studio

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Artwork Management Services

We emphasize the need for creative and compliant artwork designs.

With a special focus on Pharma, Consumer Healthcare, Medical Devices, Cosmetics, and FMCG industries

Food and Food Supplements

Regulatory Artwork management services for the current Consumer Healthcare/Food Supplements landscapes are divided as per the markets. For Compliance based markets, the artwork is created by the Freyr team and submitted to the client for finalizing the artwork/label.

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Combination of Artwork Coordinator, Artwork Designer, and Artwork Proofreader


A one-off combination of artwork coordinators, designers, and proofreaders

Specifically trained in scientific content to create, modify and coordinate.

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Case Study

$4 million savings,
for a Pharma major

Learn how Freyr helped a mid-size biopharma company with artwork process improvements and cost savings.

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Cost Savings on Artwork Operations


Business Process Outsourcing:
Regulatory Artwork Management Services

The regulated industry is driven by a lot of compliance and the discipline with which all functions must operate requires the utmost focus. One such function is Artwork Management of packaging components.

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