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Submitted by admin on Fri, 05/20/2022 - 17:10

A Leading Provider of
Artwork Services & Solutions for Global Life Sciences Industry
Regulatory Compliant, Content Integrated, Intelligence-Driven Artwork solutions


Quick Facts

Our proven expertise for artwork services span across…


Artworks Annual Throughput


Artwork Professionals


Artwork and Labeling Global Customers



Artwork Design Studio, Labeling Content & Compliance, Regulatory Intelligence

Artwork Management Services

A unique combination of 3 Integrated artwork management services & solutions for life sciences and consumer product companies:

1Scientific Labeling Content & Compliance

2Global Labels – Regulatory Intelligence

3World-class Artwork Design Studio

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Artwork Management Services

We emphasize the need for creative and compliant artwork designs.

With a special focus on Pharma, Consumer Healthcare, Medical Devices, Cosmetics, and FMCG industries.

Food and Food Supplements

Artwork management services for the current Consumer Healthcare/Food Supplements landscapes are divided as per the markets. For compliance-based markets, the artwork requirements are created by the Freyr team and submitted to the client for finalizing the artwork/label.

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Combination of Artwork Coordinator, Artwork Designer, and Artwork Proofreader


A one-off combination of artwork coordinators, designers, and proofreaders

Specifically trained in scientific content to create, modify and coordinate.

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Case Study

$4 million savings,
for a Pharma major

Learn how Freyr helped a mid-size biopharma company with artwork process improvements and cost savings.

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Cost Savings on Artwork Operations


Business Process Outsourcing:
Artwork Management Services

Regulated industry is driven by lot of compliance and the discipline with which all functions must operate requires utmost focus. One such function is Artwork Management of packaging components.

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