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Submitted by admin on Mon, 05/23/2022 - 12:10

Packaging Artwork Process Consulting: Overview

Packaging Artwork Process Consulting has been on the rise due to globalization. It requires Life Sciences companies to address concerns of cost management and savings. Any regulated company in this scenario needs to ensure they don’t have redundant processes or extra resources. Especially with Artwork Lifecycle Management, companies should look for methods to optimize all processes including the packaging artwork approval process and the packaging artwork process. At the same time, without hampering the quality and productivity they should look for ways to improve existing processes with the best technology implementation.

Freyr with expertise in packaging artwork process consulting, packaging artwork approval process, and packaging artwork management can give an edge over redefining an organization’s ways of working; starting from how the supply chain should work to increase the efficiency levels at the print supplier with a right-first-time approach. Freyr provides Packaging Artwork management consulting services for the following scenarios:

Packaging Artwork Process Consulting
Existing Artwork Lifecycle Assessment

Freyr’s Packaging Artwork services and packaging artwork management consulting services helps companies in analyzing the Return on Investment (ROI) for each department and process. Through a comprehensive assessment, Freyr provides a high level of insight into a company’s existing artwork management processes. This consultation documentation will provide a comprehensive analysis of the efficiency levels of each department along with pros and cons. Companies can streamline the packaging lifecycle processes based on such documents.

Standardization and Harmonization of Artwork Lifecycle Processes

Regulated companies have several complexities to deal with, and different artwork lifecycle management processes make it more complicated. Companies are moving towards standardizing and harmonizing the existing disparate processes, which play a bigger role in the timely delivery of the product. Freyr helps you with driving standardization and harmonization of the processes, which helps companies in creating and developing artwork in a standard way under a common platform. Thus, Freyr helps companies to create a global artwork management process that encompasses the complete lifecycle. These activities are carried out in consultation with all the stakeholders to produce de facto standards.

Centralization of Artwork Lifecycle Processes

Delivery of the same type of service from various sources might give different results, which may lead to different processes involvement. Companies are considering consolidating the operations related to the artwork lifecycle so that the complexities can be reduced. Freyr can help you to centralize the designing processes, which allows all the stakeholders to align with business requirements. Also, considerable cost reduction can be seen by implementing artwork centralization.

Artwork SOP Documentation

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) have become the norm for companies to regulate and operate businesses. Some companies operate with deficient SOPs or without SOPs. Freyr can help such companies create perfect SOPs for packaging artwork lifecycle management and improve their existing deficient SOPs to result-driven documents.

State-of-the-Art Artwork Studio

Freyr has a state-of-the-art artwork studio and has the expertise to set up the studio as per the industry standard requirements.

With the artwork studio set up, Freyr offers consultation from software to hardware to hiring the right resources under the Packaging Artwork services.

Technology Consultation

Technology usage for Artwork Lifecycle Management is one of the important aspects. It should be complied with 21 CFR part 11 and should also be advanced to match up with industry standards. Freyr provides expert consultation and offers the right tool suggestion. This includes electronic proofreading tools, AMS tools (PLM), etc.

Digital Artwork Assets Management Consultation

How do you manage your digital artwork assets? Do you have the traceability of the artwork file? Do you have the correct file to work on? If the answer is no, then Freyr has the right solution for you. Your digital assets can be managed seamlessly and can be traced anytime and from anywhere with our Packaging Artwork Management Consulting services.

Identifying Right CMO with Artwork Advantage

Looking for a Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO) along with packaging artwork services? Freyr can guide you to partner with the right CMO who can develop your product as well as create Packaging Artwork to streamline all the intermediate processes to minimize the burden.

Print Vendor Identification

As regulated companies are going global, they need to look for printing service partners for that region along with identifying CMOs. Freyr has an extensive partnership with Printed Packaging Material (PPM) vendors who offer printing services. Freyr validates these vendors before they get on board.


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