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Submitted by admin on Tue, 05/24/2022 - 12:22

Artwork Management Staffing Services – An Overview

Freyr’s Artwork management staffing services connect great companies with focussed functional experts. At our core, we concentrate on niche artwork management staffing services for the pharmaceutical industry. Freyr is equipped for both regular and season-based artwork management staffing services requirements and provides contractual or temporary outsource artwork services. Freyr stands as one of the world's best artwork management staffing services companies in the world, delivering the finest workforce solutions to the top five (05) pharma companies.

Freyr also assists organizations as an artwork outsourcing consultant for resource identification and hiring and deploys the resources on Freyr’s payroll for clients’ artwork requirements. For Pharma artwork outsourcing and Artwork Lifecycle Management, Freyr has qualified Artwork Management professionals suiting the clients’ onsite engagements, which span across:

  • Artwork Consultant.
  • Artwork Lifecycle Coordinator.
  • Artwork Designer.
  • Artwork Proofreader/QC.
  • Regulatory Affairs Associate for Labeling and Artwork.
Artwork Consultant for Resource and Staffing Services

Artwork Management Staffing Services – Freyr Expertise

  • Artwork outsourcing services.
  • Staffing consultation.
  • Gap analysis.
  • In-house support.
  • Recruitment process outsourcing.
  • Program management practice.
  • Regulatory and compliance adherence on a comprehensive basis.
Artwork Management Staffing Service
Artwork Consultant and Staffing Services Support

Artwork Management Staffing Services – Freyr Advantages

  • Global footprint.
  • Guaranteed TAT for every element of the service delivery.
  • Flexible to scale up or downsize.
  • No hassles of hiring or exit as the associates are on Freyr payroll.
  • Flexibility to choose the right candidate for the right profile.
  • Unmatchable and limitless expert deployment.
  • Cost-effective with maximum benefits.


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