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Submitted by admin on Tue, 05/24/2022 - 15:21

Food and Food Supplements Artwork Management: Overview

Artwork services for the Food and Food Supplements landscape, known as food and food supplements artwork management, are based on various markets. For compliance-based markets, food label artworks are checked for compliance, followed by the content/text/manuscript creation (if needed) by the Freyr team and submitted to the client for finalizing the food artwork/label. If required by the customer, the Freyr team can further support by creating the final food artwork design/label. Whereas, for registration-based markets, after the compliance check by the Freyr team, food/dietary supplements artwork is directly submitted to the Regulatory bodies for approvals; combined in a dossier or a technical file, or just as a separate label.

Freyr is flexible to cater to your food and food supplements labeling and artwork requirements for the intended market. The food supplement artwork services portfolio at Freyr involves the creation of label text or artwork content which is based on “country-specific” labeling regulations and standards. Apart from label content creation, Freyr has a high-end creative artwork studio that has all capabilities to cater to artwork design and development.

Freyr, with its pool of consumer healthcare/food supplements artwork services experts, is positioned perfectly to assist in any food label artwork services. Freyr offers end-to-end food packaging artwork services that span the artwork development process, including artwork creation, label updating, reviewing, analyzing, tracking, and maintaining label changes in the entire lifecycle of the product. Freyr’s in-house design team is equipped with the following:

  • Art Director
  • Graphic Artists and Design Experts
  • Copywriters
  • Technical Proof-readers
  • Account Managers
  • Food and Food Supplements Label Reviewer
  • Food and Food Supplements Regulatory Experts

This team ensures a streamlined artwork development and approval process, which helps expedite the delivery of compliant and visually appealing artwork/labels to clients.


Food and Food Supplements Artwork Management – Freyr Expertise

  • Label text/manuscript/literature/content determination and creation based on labeling requirements for the required markets.
  • Ensuring compliance with nutrition fact label and supplement fact requirements.
  • Label text compliance check as per country-specific labeling regulations and standards.
  • Assessment of the generated data for confirmation of the creation of artworks.
  • Creating and proofreading the label artwork for food services.
  • Internal quality check of the draft artwork by the label reviewer.
  • Sharing the draft (created/updated) artwork with the client for review.
  • Finalization of the food artwork technically as well as from the Regulatory side.
  • Transferring of artworks to stakeholders, which may include print suppliers in the required platform and format.
Food Supplements Artwork Management
Food Supplements Artwork Management Services

Food and Food Supplements Artwork Management – Freyr Advantages

  • Strong creative and delivery capabilities focusing on the visual appearance of the products.
  • One-stop shop for end-to-end food and food supplements and artwork services.
  • Trained and dedicated teams with extensive experience in the artwork development process and the lifecycle activities of food packaging artwork services.
  • Standardized food artwork services, design workflows, and quality control processes.
  • Keeping abreast with brand and Regulatory guidelines.
  • Qualify Regulatory experts possessing extensive Regulatory labeling experience.


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