$4 million savings, for a Pharma major

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$1 Million Savings Year-on-Year

Cost Savings on Artwork Operations

Its year-on-year $1 Million savings for one of our clients who is associated with us from last 4+ years.

Freyr started the journey with this client on a consultancy project aimed at process improvement and reduction of cost and illustrates Freyr best-of-breed niche Artwork service offering to a top global Pharma major and the value-additions that were provided.

The client is one of the large generic pharmaceutical company, providing more than 300 generic pharmaceutical products to advance the use of generic medicines in the global healthcare market. They export to over 115 countries with a direct presence, a joint venture or a distributor relationship in most of these locations.

ROI & Value Additions

  • More than 1 million saving in each year as against the estimated 800K
  • Before Outsourcing: Resource Cost at Customer stood at 2.81 million which excluded adobe license, font, all the hardware and per seat cost .etc.,
  • After outsourcing to Freyr: Entire global operations including the technology implementation resources stand at 1.9 million only which includes all software license, font cost, seat cost. etc.,
  • All Customer Graphic Resources released on-time as per the Project Implementation plan agreed. In some instances, resources were released in advance as well.
  • Cost and timeline estimate for the entire project was achieved. Overall all the project objectives are met.

Journey and the engagements which helped this pharmaceutical major save millions

  • SLA Tracking was big challenge however after Freyr on-boarded, The monthly SLA’s and dashboards are now published with detailed analysis.
  • There were 2 recalls due to artwork errors before Freyr but till date No recalls
  • Before Freyr, there were major findings and those were not measured in all regions. Freyr helped in weeding out all problems and since then no major findings globally and moved on to steady state period
  • Earlier printing related material destruction cost was not measured, but for one site itself it was in around $40k-$50k annually. Now we have less than $5k printing material destruction and those are not related to Freyr Services
  • Earlier close to about 70 different Processes were followed. Now, its reduced to 5 processes globally.
  • Earlier Multiple systems created lot of ambiguity. Now harmonised to one system.
  • Earlier Asset management was done in many servers. Now there is common repository.

Relationship facts

  • 4+ Years relationship
  • 50+ Resources
  • 2x Ramp of resources in 3 months
  • 24% Years CAGR
  • 5# of Site supported

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