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Lets start with some questions, before we get into the details of outsourcing model at Freyr.

  • Do you outsource artwork management activities?
  • Are you looking for efficiency and compliance on Artwork management?
  • Do you have trained professional resources to carry out artwork lifecycle management activities?
  • Do you have plans to go to new markets? Are you equipped with new country regulations? How will you take care of linguistics requirements?
  • Are your experts well acquainted with latest guidelines and rules for packaging and labeling?
  • Will outsourcing these activities save you time, money and increase your capabilities?
  • How the errors in packaging artwork will impact your company progress?
  • Do you have proofreading and e-proofreading as an important QC function?

Above questions would help you in formulating your decision on outsourcing your artwork management strategies. Reports have shown that manufacturers who have outsourced these activities have a competitive advantage over others in the market. Lets check how its been achieved in the industry.

Regulated industry is driven by lot of compliance and the discipline with which all functions must operate requires utmost focus. One such function is Artwork Management of packaging components. Most of the companies doesn’t keep this as a core function to operate within their establishment and to streamline the processes, they outsource the activity of artwork studio and it can be end-to-end lifecycle management of artworks. This function too is driven by GxP requirement and compliance driven and every process step should adhere to the requirement of regulatory bodies.

Industry has many companies who are catering to Artwork Lifecycle management but Freyr comes around as unique entity servicing their clients. Freyr has experience of servicing industry with all types of regulatory requirement including artwork, i.e; End-to-End Regulatory Dossier creation, Labelling, Publishing to Artwork delivery.

As Freyr knows the background of artwork and labelling activities in detail, it becomes much easier to handle the Artwork End-to-End activities. Labelling team and Artwork team work together to create mock-ups or Submission ready artworks as well as make sure commercial artworks are also content perfect.

Freyr lifecycle managers have extensive knowledge and experience in coordinating with all stakeholders required for Artwork approval to print ready files. They make sure each stakeholder gives their input on time and do review and approval as required. Lifecycle managers also makes sure they are giving all inputs to Freyr Artwork/Graphics Studio to execute the artwork component. Artist and Proofreaders creates and validates artwork as per regulatory requirement of the market concerned. If required by client, Freyr can include Labelling team to validate artwork, in terms of content, as soon as artwork is created by artwork studio.

Following are the common stakeholders involved in Artwork Management

  • Supply Chain
  • Regulatory Affairs including Labelling team
  • Packaging
  • Marketing
  • Artwork Studio
  • Proofreading/QC depart
  • QA team
  • Print Vendor
  • Site QA for Incoming Quality Check of Print Samples

So, if your company is looking out for Compliance driven ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 Artwork Management services, Freyr fits the bill who can perform end-to-end services. Freyr, to help your company, brings into light various aspects of artwork and labeling outsourcing that would help companies to decide if they wish to outsource these services in future.

Considering the overall business strategy of a company, one aspect of it is to be able to develop high quality packaging and artwork on time, in alignment to the regulatory guidelines stated by the agency. If you wish to expand your product line and endorse them in multiple geographies as fast as possible, you need to synchronize the manufacturing and artwork creation process. And in doing so, you need to have a team that has best in class artwork creation and delivery capabilities.

Freyr has all solutions to your artwork management issues and can be your outsourcing partner who can not only give you huge savings but can bring process efficiency for the good.

With our expertise in handling outsourcing business, Freyr suggest following models which is prevailing in the industry

  • Artwork Lifecycle management activity: Freyr comes with comprehensive knowledge and expertise on managing entire Artwork Lifecycle Management including supply chain activities. Freyr understands various global artwork scenarios and applies years of exposure on multiple artwork management workflows to add value to the new client getting associated with. If your company is struggling with timely deliveries of services, Freyr can solve all your issues around it and help product reach market on time from Packaging artwork perspective.
  • Artwork Studio Services: Fully creative high-end artwork design studio to cater to all creative requirements of the customer. From creating mock-ups to submission to health authority to commercialization of artwork, our team of creative resources can cater to varied requirement for any regulated industry. We have team of Creative/Art Directors, Artists/Designers along with creative writers which makes Freyr Studio a competitive player.
  • Proofreader/QC Services: As a service, Freyr has department related to Proofreader/Quality Check (QC) for artwork created by Artwork Studio. All artworks created is meant for quality check which includes text checks, packaging and printing requirement checks, market regulation and health authority checks. QC department must make sure the artwork created is as per the manuscript received. QC services includes manual proofreading as well as electronic proofreading
  • Artwork Management System (PLM Tool) consultancy and Implementation: More and more regulated companies are going for technology in Artwork Lifecycle management and it has become one of the core areas of concentration. Whether a company need technology or the technology that’s is being used is right for the company or not is all what is assessed by Freyr with the right tool suggestion. Apart from consultancy, Freyr helps in implementing any technology available in the industry with process definition, creation of workflows to customise tool as per client requirement.

To know more, do reach us for any requirement stated above.