Should Life Sciences organizations be game for right staffing balance?

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Should Life Sciences organizations be game for right staffing balance?

Ever evolving Regulatory landscape, healthcare system reforms, and on-going technological advancements: with these factors influencing regulatory procedures at the most, the biggest task for life sciences organizations is to reduce the operational costs while managing the procedural efficiency for end-to-end compliance. The involved costs, per say, could be of the Regulatory workforce, facilities, and other hidden operational burdens. In this article we try to address the daunting and expensive task of managing / maintaining the skilled Regulatory workforce at critical times. Should life sciences organizations be game for right staffing balance?

Perhaps, Yes. With the growing regulatory requirements, the number of Regulatory documents to be prepared, compiled, tracked, and submitted to health authorities increases for registrations, approvals, and market authorizations. There arises the need for more subject-specific skilled man power. Employing the needed workforce for a long term might affect organizations finances and may lead to financial doldrums. Thus, organizations may opt for project-based work-force to prevent the costs, i.e. contract staffing. The concept of contract staffing will support clients’ seasonal requirements of the workforce within a fast turnaround time. It offers the flexibility to employ the staff on project-basis that allow companies to cut down the upfront costs of direct-hire.

Why should organizations adapt contract staffing?

Expertise personnel – As it’s been proved and apparent, contract workforce having been worked with multiple organizations under multiple project scenarios, comes with a specialized Regulatory expertise to work under different situations focusing on different timeframes. It offers a great deal of multi-domain expertise that might ignite a fresh idea for better business transformation.

Cost-effective model – With the virtual bench readily available for a specific regulatory requirement, companies can reduce the burden of maintaining a full-time resource in-house. Availing contract staffing, organizations can avoid the artificial demand and costs incurred in sourcing the right resource for required timeframes.

Timely resources – At times, when organizations require critical resources at the nick of the moment they might find it challenging to get the best-fit for the purpose. To manage those uncertainties, Regulatory contract staffing would be helpful until further alternative sourced and placed.

To conclude, in order to achieve the right staffing balance to comply with the time-critical health authority mandates, choosing a specialized Regulatory contract staffing partner would help companies to successfully meet the workforce requirements at the right time and at reduced costs. Either a short-term resource gap or a long-term requirement, Freyr’s provides specialized Regulatory contract staffing services and dedicated teams of Regulatory personnel for Regulatory submission and publishingRegulatory labelingRegulatory affairs and Regulatory Information Management.