Content-to-Carton for Effective Artwork Process Centralization

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Content-to-Carton for Effective Artwork Process Centralization

Effective communication can bridge information gaps between two different ends of a process. With so many processes involved and with a need to communicate accurate safety information to the end user, the Pharmaceutical industry must employ utmost caution when taking its products to market. Right from product development to the stage of packaging in cartons, they are required to safeguard the safety information and must ensure that it is aligned with all the Health Authority regulations to enable users to make the informed choices while purchasing and the drug usage.

In the era of globalization, which has erased boundaries in terms of business expansion and proved to be a boon for Lifesciences industry, communicating safety information has a different set of regional challenges to overcome, such as linguistic and cultural barriers. This has led to need for extreme care of safety information to the minute level.

With global expansion in plans, the need of the hour for manufacturers is to communicate the safety information in the same way across the markets where the product is set to be marketed.  Simple exhibition of the safety information may not suffice. It must be compliant in terms of market sensibilities, local understanding, and other standards. Apart from labeling content, artwork design must speak universally in one single and simpler form considering the wider reach. The printing must be clear and the packaging must also adhere to the guidelines. This requires immense planning, perfect execution and coordination of experts from different segments. But this could be a tedious task and ‘centralization’ is the key to achieving it.

On a global platform, centralizing the processes especially while working with multiple stakeholders requires expert internal review and various layers of scrutiny to bring harmony in safety information to be conveyed, and to ensure artwork, labeling and packaging processes are aligned with it. If not properly handled, it may lead to label, artwork and product rejections from health authorities.

How can these barriers be bypassed?

In such scenarios, opting for content-to-carton services, would be the best fit. It is a single stop solution where you can just plug and play for end-to-end compliance. Right from collating, creating and managing safety information to properly labeling it on the end products to packaging it for safe end-usability, content-to-carton adds value not only to functional effectiveness, but also reduces end-to-end compliance cost. Thus, it is required to opt for proven content-to-carton services for centralizing the processes and for effective and compliant representation of safety information.