Legacy Artwork Management System Challenges

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Legacy Artwork Management System Challenges

Supply Chain, Packaging and Artwork Management System - In Life Sciences, any delay or mishap in the latter two segments will affect the former which results in product not reaching the markets on time and thus leading to heavy cost burden on the companies. As a crucial step towards smooth functioning of supply chain, packaging must not only be done at the right time and right place, but also in regulated standards with respect to artwork which should project the safety information in a compliant way.

The company’s Artwork Management System plays a key role in curtailing the delay in packaging. The system must be in line with latest technological advancements to keep up with growing Regulatory standards. If companies continue utilizing the legacy systems, they may have to face some of the procedural, functional and time-bound challenges. What are they? Here we go…

  1. Lack of Procedural Standards
  2. Lack of Centralization in Processes  
  3. Existing Manual Artwork Creation Processes
  4. No Version-controlled Digital Assets Management
  5. Electronic Record Keeping of Artworks
  6. High Costs in Artwork Creation
  7. Weak Workflows
  8. Lack of Traceability of Artworks and Approval Processes
  9. No Timely Notifications and Reminders
  10. Reworks or Loops in Artworks which may Affect the Delivery Timelines
  11. Risk of Being Non-compliant
  12. Not Being Audit Ready
  13. Missing Process Step(s) related to Electronic Proofreading
  14. Difficulties in Product Life Cycle Management
  15. Difficulties in Artwork Coordination with all Stakeholders viz., external partners, i.e., CMOs, printers, PLD partners, artwork vendors, etc.

To steer clear of these challenges, organizations must stay updated and supply their products as per the market demands and on time. With ever growing challenges, companies have to keep working on finding solutions and be competitive in the market. But sometimes it becomes elusive to get the right approach towards solution or you might be lacking the needed resource for finding it.

In such a scenario, to ensure companies align with the new standards as they evolve and be compliant, all it requires is a comprehensive approach. It should include intelligence-driven gap analysis followed by Regulatory strategy to expedite the procedures in a cost-effective way right from artwork creation to aligning with packaging standards. If you have a process limitation arising from existing Artwork Pack Management System, Freyr can prove to be a strategic partner in laying out the right path ahead.

Would you like to evaluate your existing systems with that of the Freyr solution? Contact us at sales@freyrsolutions.com