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Submitted by admin on Tue, 05/24/2022 - 11:24


Companies looking for quality artwork and labeling require artwork quality check and labeling quality check to ensure perfection, not just in terms of product technicalities, but also in terms of communicating the product usability to the end-user. Even a simple typo on the final artwork or artwork defects could cost an organization millions of dollars. There are several reasons why companies are unable to address this issue of artwork defects. Some of them include:

  • Lack of proficient artwork proofreading/QC professionals, with Regulatory artwork background
  • Absence of electronic proofreading tools from the process
  • Limited knowledge of Regulatory requirements

In such scenarios, companies must bear with the consequences if they fail to address the gross technical, contextual, and content-based artwork defects.

With specialized knowledge on Regulatory aspects, Freyr’s Artwork proofreading support services stand apart from other artwork studios.

Equipped with the right resources to handle both manual and software-enabled proofing, Freyr has successfully handled proofreading for various Tier-1 companies, and for mid-sized and small industries as well. Freyr’s Artwork studio complies with the 4-Eye approach due to which quality proofreading is established as an integral function to cater to customers. As part of artwork proofreading services for Pharma and Lifesciences, Freyr performs the below list of critical checks.

Artwork Proofreading – Critical Checks Performed

  • Check brand name consistency
  • Check active ingredient availability
  • Check the dosage displayed on all panels of a carton or folding box (In case of a leaflet, check dosage consistency in all repetitions)
  • Check if all annotations are carried out by the stakeholders
  • Check if the SAP/Supply Chain ID is visible in the artwork for future tracking
  • Check for Pharma code required for production line and ensure it is the correct one as per new change request
  • Check if the artwork is created as per the right technical drawing and if all the variable data required is catered to and aligned to the specified production site
  • Check for colors and separations to make sure no additional color is added as any variation will lead artwork for non-compliance


    • Content and artwork proofreading
    • Artwork quality check
    • Graphics verification
    • Image-to-image comparison
    • Site-specific or packaging line-specific technical checks
    • Print/vendor related technical check
    • Electronic proofreading for text as well as pixel-to-pixel comparison
    • Regulatory checks with the help of labeling/Regulatory affairs team
    • Tamper-evident packaging, braille, color check
Artwork Proofreading Services


  • Proofreaders trained on global Regulatory guidelines
  • Right-first-time (RFT) approach
  • 4-Eye quality check approach
  • Internally synergized Regulatory intelligence groups feed regular insights on global artwork / labeling guidelines to the Artwork Center of Excellence (CoE) team members
  • Consistency in maintaining quality as per GxP standards
  • Best-in-class artwork proofreading infrastructure
  • Dedicated work environment for proofreading
  • Trained resources on Regulatory, packaging, and print supplier requirements
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Maintaining brand consistency
  • Improved productivity